Revert to a previous version of a page, post, or template

Page Builder autosaves as you work, so if your page hangs as you're editing it, usually reloading the page will get back what you were working on. 

In some cases, you might need to retrieve a previously published version. Beaver Builder uses the native WordPress revision functionality to handle this. You can revert to a previous page, post, or saved layout template.

Notes: Saved rows and modules are not versioned.

Here's how to go back to a previous revision.

1 Open the page, post, or layout template for editing

To revert to a previous version of a page or post:

  • To revert to a previous page or post, open it for editing in the WordPress editor, then follow the instructions for opening the Compare revisions screen in the next section. 
    Don't launch Page Builder.

To revert to a previous version of a saved template:

  • In the WordPress admin panel, click Builder (Version 1.10) or Templates (Version 1.9 and earlier).
    If you don't see Builder or Templates in the admin panel, see the Related Article on enabling it.
  • Click Edit under the template that you want to revert and continue to the next section.

2 Open the Compare revisions screen

Access the Compare revisions screen in either of the following ways:

  • Click Revisions in the Publish panel.
  • Click a revision in the Revisions panel, which is underneath the text editor. If you want to restore the version immediately before the current version, you'd click on the second item in the list.

Can't see the  Revisions panel? Chances are the problem is one of the following:

  • You don't have any older versions of that template.
  • You haven't enabled it in the screen options. Click Screen Options in the upper right corner, then select the Revisions checkbox.

3 Restore the revision you want

Verify the revision you want and click Restore this revision.

Here are some tips for understanding the Compare revisions screen.

  • Use the slider at the top or click the Previous button to display the revision you are interested in restoring on the right.
    Tip: Sometimes it's easier to click directly on the slider circle (containing the arrows) and use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate.
  • The Restore this revision button always restores the version displayed in the RIGHT column. When you are displaying the latest version in the right column, the button is dimmed.
  • The left column always displays the previous version to the one on the right, unless you select the Compare any two revisions checkbox, in which case the earlier version you select on the slider is always displayed on the left, the later version you select on the slider is displayed on the right.
  • Markup highlighted in green is an addition from the two versions being compared. Markup highlighted in pink is a deletion from two versions being compared.
  • This screen is a bit counterintuitive because often you want to restore the version in the LEFT column, but you can't do that. If that's the case, click Previous to move the version in the left column to the right column, then click Restore this revision.