Style a column or child column

Each column can be styled in the Column settings area, an editing screen that includes the following options: 

  • Set a custom column width. 
  • Equalize the column heights across the layer. If you equalize the column heights, you can choose whether the content should be aligned to the top, center, or bottom of the column.
  • Set a default text color for any modules in the column.
  • Add a background color or image.
  • Add a border.
    You can set individual top, bottom, left, and right borders, which lets you add horizontal or vertical column separators.

Yu can style individual child columns or the parent column.

To access the column settings for a main or child column:

  1. Mouse over an empty column or a module to reveal the module options and click Edit column.
    If you see a hamburger icon in the module options, click that and mouse over Edit column.
  2. Do either of the following:
    1. Mouse over Column settings.
      The area that will be affected by the column settings is shaded in blue.
    2. Mouse over Parent settings, if you're in a subcolumn and want to change the style of the main column.
  3. After you verify the scope of the settings, click Column settings.

Here's an example of mousing over Column settings for a child column:

And here's an example showing how the scope changes when you mouse over Parent settings: