Publish, save, or discard your Page Builder edits

When you're done editing a page in Page Builder, click Done in the upper right corner and select one of the following:

  • Publish (Page Builder 2.x)
    Publish changes (Page Builder 1.x)
    Makes the changes live, accessible to the world at large if you're working on a public site.
  • Save draft (Page Builder 2.x)
    Save changes and exit (Page Builder 1.x)
    Saves your page and exits Page Builder. The changes made in that editing session are not visible except when editing in Page Builder. 

Important: If you save a draft, be careful about discarding future edits. In Page Builder, changes in the layout are saved as you edit, and the Save draft choice is a way of exiting Page Builder without publishing the changes. If you choose Discard in a future session, you'll lose all changes since you last published the page. 

  • Discard (Page Builder 2.x)
    Discard changes and exit (Page Builder 1.x)

    Discards all changes made or saved since the last time the page was published. This includes all saved but unpublished work from previous sessions.
  • Cancel
    Returns you to the editing page.