Archive layout type (Themer)

The Archive theme layout in Theme Builder applies to indexes and archives generated by WordPress. 

Tip: If you're not sure what an archive is in WordPress, take a look at this basic information about WordPress indexes, archives, and posts

Locations for WordPress Archive layouts

The archive theme layout applies to the following types of archives:

  • Author archive
    If you click the author's name in a single post, you'll see a list of posts that author has written.
  • Date archive
    A common sidebar widget organizes posts by year and month, and clicking any link there will take you to a Date archive of Posts that were published in that specific date range.
  • Search results
    When you use the built-in WordPress search, the display of Posts in the search results is just another type of archive.
  • Post archive
    This is also called an index of all Posts. For example, if you set the front page of your site to be your latest post in Settings > Reading (or in Customizer), that's an index page. 
  • Post category archive
    A list of post categories is a common sidebar widget, and if you click a category, the result includes only the Posts that belong to that category.
  • Post tag archive
    Only the Posts that have a particular tag are displayed. Tag archives are usually accessed from a sidebar widget display as well.
  • Custom post type categories or tags
    If you set up a taxonomy for a custom post type with categories or tags, you can display an archive of a particular custom category or tag.
  • WooCommerce categories
    WooCommerce is a custom post type, a product category page is a custom post type archive.

Locations that Archive layouts don't apply to

  • Pages built using Page Builder with one of the Posts modules
    If you create a Page and use one of the Posts modules to create an archive, it's not a true WordPress-generated archive page, so the Archive theme layout will not apply. For more information, see the article about configuring how WordPress handles your blog.
  • An archive of a custom taxonomy
    You can display an archive of a single category or tag in a taxonomy, but you can't display an archive whose title is the taxonomy name, with all of the custom categories are listed.

Archive layout templates

When you create a new Archive layout, the initial layout contains the following rows and modules.

  • A row that contains the Archive Title module (which is actually a Heading module with an Archive Title field connection), and a Separator module underneath it.
    The Heading module has a top and bottom margin of 100px, which you can change on the Advanced tab.
  • A row that contains a Posts module with a List layout. 
    You can change to any of the other layout types by opening the module and selecting a different one in the Layout field. Or replace the Posts module in the initial layout with one of the other Post modules in the Archive modules section of the Add Content panel.

See the Related Articles below for information about each of these special modules for Archive theme layouts.

Tip: If you ever want to revert to the Archive layout template, click the Templates button when you're editing the theme layout in Page Builder.