Footer layout type (Themer)

The Footer theme layout in Theme Builder applies to the footer widget and footer area at the bottom of a page.

Footer layout template

Here's the initial layout that you see when you create a footer theme layout to give you some ideas about how to ahead and customize your own layout.

This initial layout consists of the following rows and modules:

  • Two rows, one for the footer widget and one for the footer. Both rows have an initial purple background color.
  • The footer widget area has three columns with Heading modules. The left column has Icon modules for contact information, and the middle and right columns have Text Editor modules. 

Tip: There are no field connections in the modules used in the initial layout for the footer widget, though you can add them. For example, the footer widget row background for a post could be set to display the featured image for that post, or the author's name and bio.

  • The footer contains a field connection shortcode for the site title, embedded in a Text Editor module. The copyright year and other text are static. This means that you'd have to manually renew the copyright every year.

Tip: If you ever want to revert to this default layout, click the Templates button when you're editing the theme layout in Page Builder.