Products module for WooCommerce Archive theme layouts (Themer)

The Products module is in the WooCommerce modules category, which appears in the Add content menu when you're editing an Archive-type theme layout in Theme Builder and you have the WooCommerce plugin installed.

The Products modules is a "shortcut" module. It's actually a Posts module with settings to display products, which you can then tweak to customize further. 

For information about each WooCommerce setting on the Layout and Style tabs in the Posts module, see the article on using the Posts module for WooCommerce products in the Page Builder collection. 

The difference in the Posts module when used in a theme layout is the Content tab. In a theme layout, the Source field is set to Main query, which means the products that are displayed depend on the archive page on which they occur. For example, if you create a theme layout for all your product category archives, each different category archive page will display the products for that category. You can preview any of the product category archive pages and see the correct products listed for that category.