Instant save - Save as draft - Publish

Changes in Page Builder are preserved as you make them, even before you save a draft or publish. As you work with your layouts, for example if you save a module, you'll see the sequence  Saving – SavedEdited appear at the top of the screen. This means that if you reload the page or close the browser tab before you click Done, your changes are preserved the same as if you clicked Save draft.

However, if you ever choose Discard, any changes saved but not published from any previous session will be lost. If you open a page for editing and immediately see the Edited status, it means you have changes saved but not published from a previous session.

In other words, changes are saved but do not become truly permanent until you click Publish.

This instant save feature and the difference between saving and publishing is not new in Page Builder Version 2.0. What is new is that the user interface makes the status more obvious than it was before.


Here are some things to keep in mind about the way save, publish, and discard work:

  • If Page Builder hangs for any reason while it's completing an operation, you can reload the page with confidence that your changes up until that point are saved.
  • Be very careful when you choose Discard, because it means you will lose all changes between now and the time you last published, even changes from a previous editing session that weren't published. You'll see a warning to remind you before you discard.
  • Consider publishing at milestone points. This will create a revision which you can return to if you want to revert your recent changes. This is a good practice since there is no Undo when you're editing in Page Builder. When you're editing a website and making layout changes, it's a best practice to set up a staging site. That way you can publish changes without making them available to the public.