Set row and content width (2.0)

Page Builder 2.0 has new ways to resize fixed row or content widths, and there are two ways to do it. 

Note: Either Width or Content width in the row settings must be set to Fixed for these methods to work. 


On the Style tab, set a number in the Fixed width field.

Before you set a value, the Fixed width field displays the default content width from the Global Settings tab in the Tools menu (and by default, the default setting is 1100px).


Use the drag handle on any module in the row to change the width for the entire row. 

When you click and hold the drag handle, the selection changes to include all rows in the module. You can't resize individual modules within a row.

Tip: Hold the Shift key down while you drag to make the unit field 10px instead of 1px.

Note: Resizing row width actually means resizing the max-width of the row. As the viewing window is sized smaller, the row width shrinks below the max-width.