What's new in Page Builder 2.0

Welcome to Page Builder 2.0! Here's a list of the major new features. See the other articles in this collection for more information about each feature, and see the changelog for a detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes.

UI redesign

The first thing you'll notice is that the user interface in Page Builder 2.0 has a new look. Menus have been put into new locations, and the Add content menu has been organized a little differently.

If you don't want to scroll through modules by category, just click the search icon to search for a module name. 

The main menu (upper left) shows you what you're editing: page, post, product (WooCommerce), or theme layout (Beaver Themer). It also displays the title.

There's even a choice for a light or dark editing UI. This setting is on the Tools menu, or just click lowercase o on your keyboard to toggle between the two.

For more details about what's where in the UI,  take a tour.

Per-device page preview

Go to Preview on the Tools menu or just hit p on the keyboard while you're editing in Page Builder, and you'll go into Preview mode, where you can view that page on large, medium, and small devices. Click Edit or the Escape key to return to editing.

Streamlined Publish and Save

Click the Done button to get a choice of Discard, Save as draft, Publish, or Cancel. If you choose Save as draft or Publish, you'll immediately exit Page Builder with no need to confirm your choice. To re-enter Page Builder, hit e on your keyboard. Or simply enter Ctrl + p (or Cmd + p on Mac) to publish without leaving the editor. Big speed improvement!

The Page Builder editor also notifies you when it's autosaving and shows you when you have any saved changes in your layout. And you can revert to previously published versions more easily using the Revisions option on the Tools menu.

For more information about saving, publishing, and status, see the article Instant save - Save as draft - Publish.

Keyboard shortcuts

As you've seen in previous sections, there are keyboard shortcuts for many of the repetitive operations, like opening and closing menus, publishing, and moving in and out of Page Builder. All keyboard shortcuts use lowercase letters or keyboard function keys and are listed on the  Keyboard shortcuts reference page. We bet you'll find at least a couple that you use over and over.

Set individual row widths

You can now set the max-width on individual fixed-width rows or row content, and you can do it either with a setting or by dragging a handle on the modules, similar to how columns work. More information in the article on setting row and content width.