Install Page Builder 2.0-alpha

Before you install, see the system requirements.

Here's how to install the Page builder plugin.

Important: Alpha versions by definition are unstable and considered early releases for trial and feedback. Use of alpha versions on product websites is not supported. See the article on alpha/beta releases.

Download the Page Builder plugin

Download the Page Builder 2.0 plugin zip file from the Alpha/Beta Testing Downloads section of the My Account page.

Deactivate and delete a previous Page Builder plugin

If your test site currently has Page Builder installed, deactivate and uninstall it. This doesn't delete your existing layouts, but if you have any important content it's always a good idea to make a backup first.

Upload the Page Builder plugin

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Choose the bb-plugin alpha zip file on your local system and activate it after it has uploaded. 

Check your license activation

As long as your Beaver Builder license is active, you'll receive automatic updates once you've installed the first one. You can check this as follows.

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Settings > Page Builder
  2. If you haven't entered your Beaver Builder plugin license key yet, enter it. 

What's next?

See the Page Builder 2.0-alpha section in the knowledge base.

Any problems? 

Check out the plugin troubleshooting section of the Knowledge Base, or submit a Support ticket.