Templates overview

Layout Templates are a shortcut to designing your pages. Load a layout template that's similar to the design you want, make tweaks, add your own content, and you've got a great looking page in no time.

Page Builder comes with a number of built-in templates, plus the ability to duplicate, save, manage, export, and import custom templates. For Agency versions, you can even override the built-in templates and replace them with your own, to make it easier for your clients to maintain their own websites. 

Built-in templates

There are two categories of built-in templates:

  • Landing page templates:
    Complete layouts that are suitable for use as a landing page or home page.

  • Content page templates:
    Layouts for pages with a specific focus, such as portfolios, contact us, FAQs, or a signup form.

Built-in templates are offered when you create a new Page Builder page, or you can replace or append a built-in template later. 

Custom templates

You can create your own layout templates and duplicate, save, and export them. Here are some things you can do with custom templates:
  • You can quickly duplicate a page or post on your site with the same layout and metadata.
  • You can save custom templates and use them in Page Builder in the same way that you use built-in templates, adding them to a new page, or appending or replacing content you have already built. 
  • You can categorize, edit, or delete custom templates through a central Templates admin panel.
  • You can organize the display of your custom templates into categories in Page Builder.

  • You can export custom templates to use on other sites, or you can import templates from your own sites or other sources.
  • If you have the Agency version, you can replace built-in templates with your own set, making it easier to provide your clients with your own custom solution.

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