Set Page Builder editing capabilities

Note: This article applies to Beaver Builder Plugin Versions 1.9 and earlier. For Version 1.10 and higher, see the  article on setting user access roles.

You can give your clients the ability to edit the content of a layout, but not the layout itself. You can also restrict their access to the global templates that are accessed by clicking the Templates and Tools buttons.

When you restrict editing capabilities, users see only the wrench icon for rows, columns, and modules, as shown in this screenshot.

You control access by assigning appropriate user roles and restricting user capabilities for Page Builder editing.

  • By default Administrators, Editors, Authors, and Contributors have full editing capabilities (edit_posts).
  • To restrict full editing capabilities to Administrators, Editors, and Authors only, enter publish_posts.
  • To restrict full editing capabilities to Administrators and Editors only, enter edit_others_pages.
  • To restrict full editing capabilities to Administrators only, enter update_core.

To configure Page Builder editing capabilities:

  1. On the WordPress admin panel, click Settings > Page Builder, then click the Editing tab.
  2. Set the editing capabilities in the upper section (controlling rows, columns, and modules) and the lower section (controlling access to the Tools and Templates buttons).
    If you want to assign more than one capability, separate each capability with a comma.
  3. Click Save Editing Settings.
  4. On the WordPress admin panel, click Users.
  5. Set the role for each user to Administrator, Editor, Author, or Contributor.
    For a description of user roles and capabilities, see this Codex article.