White label the Beaver Builder plugin and theme

With the Agency version of Beaver Builder, you can replace the branding for the Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder theme with your own.

White label the Beaver Builder plugin

The Beaver Builder plugin and Page Builder white labeling will be displayed throughout the WordPress admin area and the Page Builder interface wherever the Beaver Builder plugin and Page Builder labels are normally displayed.

  1. On the WordPress admin panel, click Settings > Page Builder, then click the Branding tab. 
  2. In the Plugin branding section, add your custom plugin name and optionally a URL to a custom icon for Page Builder.
    By default, the URL points to the Beaver Builder icon. Leave the Plugin icon field blank if you don't want any icon to appear.

White label the Beaver Builder theme

Adding custom branding will change the description page of the Beaver Builder theme at Appearance > Themes. See the screenshot below.

Note: This procedure white labels the Beaver Builder parent theme. If you have the child theme installed, you can brand it manually. See the Related Articles for more information.
  1. In Settings > Page Builder > Branding, add information to any of the fields you want to customize: Theme name, Theme description, Theme company name, Theme company URL, and a URL that displays a screenshot of the theme, as shown in the following screenshot.

The white labeling is displayed in the Appearance > Themes thumbnail and description, as shown in this example: