Customize the Help button

In the Agency version of the Beaver Builder plugin, you can enable or disable the Help button in the Page Builder interface, or you can fine-tune which help options are available and add links to your own help services.

To customize the Help button:

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, click Settings > Page Builder, then click Help button.
  2. Set the options as described below, then click Save help button settings when you're finished.
  • Enable Help Button
    Enables or disables the Help button.
  • Enable Help Tour
    Enables or disables the help tour.
  • Enable Help Video
    Enables or disables the help video. If enabled, you can add your own iframe embed.
  • Enable Knowledge Base
    Enables or disables the knowledge base link. If enabled, you can add a link to your own knowledge base.
  • Enable Forums
    This option allows you to enable or disable the link to the Beaver Builder Support Forum. If enabled, you can add a link to your own support area.

Note: The Beaver Builder Support Forum is no longer active, though the link works for purposes of searching the archive.