Manage plugin activations centrally

You can see a list of all the WordPress installations in which your license is activated, and you can deactivate, remove, or reactivate the license for any of those installations. 

To see the list of sites, on the  My Account page, navigate to the Domain Manager section and click Manage Domains

Deactivate a domain

Deactivating a domain prevents the site from receiving remote updates from our server, but the existing version of Beaver Builder still functions normally. 

Deactivating prevents the Beaver Builder license from being activated at the local site in Settings > Beaver Builder > License.  If you want to lock out a client from using your Beaver Builder license, this is the option to choose.

A deactivated site stays in the Domain Manager list if you want to reactivate it later. 

Remove a domain

Removing a domain prevents the site from receiving remote updates from our server, but the existing version of Beaver Builder still functions normally. 

The site is removed from the Domain Manager list, but it returns if the license key is entered at the local site in Settings > Beaver Builder > License

Reactivate a domain

Your local installation might tell you that you need to reactivate your license for that domain. If so, go to Domain Manager, find the domain in the list and click Reactivate.

Note: Activate new and removed Beaver Builder licenses locally in your WordPress website at Settings > Beaver Builder > License. See the Related Links about installing the plugin for specific instructions.