Add the site tagline to the header

If you use a text logo (as opposed to an image) in your header, you have the option to add the site tagline underneath it. This works for all header layouts except Nav centered + inline logo.

Here's an example of a Nav Bottom layout with the tagline enabled. The tagline appears left-aligned underneath the text header logo. 

The site tagline is drawn from Customize > Settings > Site identity > Site title or General > Settings > Site title from the WordPress admin panel.

To enable the site tagline:

  1. Go to Customize > Header > Header logo.
  2. For Logo type, ensure that Text is selected.
  3. Select the Show tagline checkbox.
  4. Go to Customize > Header > Header layout.
  5. For Layout type, select any type except Nav centered + inline logo.
    The tagline will display under the header logo text.

Another option

If you want to use a header logo image, you won't be able to add the tagline using the procedure above. However, if you use a Nav Bottom layout, you have the option to enter the tagline or any other custom text in the content layout area to the right of the logo, as shown in the screenshot above. 

To add custom text to the right of the header logo in the Nav Bottom header layout:

  1. Go to Customize > Header > Header layout.  (See the Related Articles for how to open Customizer.)
  2. Set the Layout to Nav Bottom.
  3. For Content layout, select either Text or Text & social icons.
  4. In the Content text box, enter your site's tagline or any other text.