Content slider module overview

You can think of a content slider module as a slideshow of rows, in which each row has its own optional background of color, photo, or video, with overlaid text, text and a photo, or text and a video.

Note: You can If you have a photo or video background and text and a photo on top, on small devices the background photo will not appear.

The difference between the Content Slider module and the Slideshow module is that the Slideshow module just has images in the foreground, like a series of sliding photos, whereas the Content Slider modules is really more like a set of sliding rows.

The content slider module offers a larger number of options for styling and content. Here are some examples.

  • In each slider, you can choose a photo, video, or color background.
  • You can add a heading, text, and a button and display them overlaid on the photo video, or color background, or side by side with the photo or video.
  • You can automate and adjust the playback or add navigation buttons so users can cycle through themselves.
  • If you choose to show the nav arrows, you can style the arrow color, and arrow background color and shape on the Style tab.

Here's an example of a background photo, with heading and text on a color background with partial opacity.

Here's another example where the photo and text are placed side by side, with a call to action button.