Install Beaver Builder via Composer

You can install Beaver Builder Plugin, Beaver Builder Theme, or Beaver Themer via Composer.

Install with composer.json

Create a composer.json file in your WordPress root folder and add the following code. Replace KEY with your key from your My Account page.

Run composer install in CLI to install the latest versions of all three packages in their correct plugin and theme folders. To install specific versions, substitute the * in the JSON file with the version you require.

Using a global config

You can add your repo link to the global composer config so you can then install the packages via CLI without even needing a composer.json file. Run the following command in CLI:

After the global config is added you can then install any version of any package with a single-line command. Here are a few examples:

composer require beaver-builder/bb-plugin-pro will install the latest available Pro version of Beaver Builder. Substitute the following for your version of the plugin:

  • Standard version: bb-plugin-standard
  • Pro version: bb-plugin-pro
  • Agency version: bb-plugin-agency

composer require beaver-builder/bb-plugin-pro: will install the Pro version of Beaver Builder.

composer require beaver-builder/bb-theme will install the latest version of the Beaver Builder Theme.

composer require beaver-builder/bb-theme-builder will install the latest version of Beaver Themer.