Install the Beaver Builder plugin

System requirements

See the Related Articles for system requirements for viewing and building with the Beaver Builder plugin and theme.

Download the Beaver Builder plugin

Download the Beaver Builder plugin zip from the My Account page. 

Note: If you're a Mac/Safari user and the download shows up as a folder instead of a zip file, you won't be able to install, because WordPress requires uploading a zip file. See the Related Articles for the fix.

Deactivate and delete existing Beaver Builder plugins

If you are upgrading from the lite version of Beaver Builder, or from one paid version to another, deactivate and delete the existing plugin on your WordPress site. You won't lose any content or layouts.

Upload the Beaver Builder plugin

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Choose the plugin on your local system and activate it after it has uploaded. 

Activate your license

If you have a paid version of Beaver Builder, activate your license to enable remote updates of the plugin.

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, go to  Settings > Page Builder
  2. On the License tab add your license number, which you can find on the Beaver Builder My Account page. 

Configure Beaver Builder admin settings

It isn’t necessary to configure the admin settings on the other tabs at Settings > Page Builder, but it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the settings should you need them at some point in the future.

Note that by default, Page Builder is only enabled for WordPress pages, not posts. If you want to use Page Builder for posts, add that capability on the Post Types tab.

Start building!

See the other articles in this Knowledge Base to start using Page Builder, especially  the basics.

Any problems? 

Check out the plugin troubleshooting section of the Knowledge Base, or  file a Support ticket.