Change the WordPress page template for single Pages and Posts

On the WordPress editing page for Pages and Posts, there's a section labeled Page attributes and Post attributes, which contain a choice of templates that you can use to override Customizer default settings for that individual page.


  • The template choices other than Default are intended only for Pages and Posts that use Page Builder layouts.
  • The choices in the Template field are set by your theme. If you use a different theme, you may have different choices in the Template field. Note that these WordPress "page templates" are different from the Page Builder layout templates.


The Templates field appears as a selection in the Page editing sidebar, as in the following screenshot:

Beaver Builder Theme has three choices for Page templates, which you can access by opening a page for editing in WordPress, not in Page Builder. :

  • Default
    The page follows the default theme layout: no sidebar and the header and footer as defined in Customizer.
  • No header/footer
    The page appears with the theme header and footer removed.
  • Sidebar
    If you configure a sidebar in Customize > Content > Blog Layout, by default it displays on Posts but not Pages. Choose Sidebar to display it on this Page.


The Template field appears in the Post Attributes section when you edit Posts.

Note: Any template setting besides Default suppresses the featured image on that Post page, no matter how it is set in Customizer > Content > Post layout.

The choices are:

  • Default
    The post follows the default layout that you set in Customize > Content > Blog Layout.
  • Full width
    The Full Width template for single posts is designed to be used with Page Builder. Normally, even if you set a full-width layout in Customize > General > Layout and no sidebar, the row width only extends to the width of the Post content area. If you use the Full Width post template, the row width extends to the edge of the browser screen.
    Note that with the Full Width template the sidebar and featured image are disabled. You can add them into your Page Builder layout using a Photo module and a Sidebar module if you want them.
  • No header/footer
    The page appears with the theme header and footer removed.

See this article for more information about how to use Page Builder with Posts.