Is there an easy way to convert my website to Beaver Builder?

The short answer is there's probably no automated tool to convert website content into Page Builder, but the solution may still be fairly easy! 

If you've used other page builders to construct your site, many of them work by adding shortcodes to the WordPress editor. This makes it nearly impossible to easily migrate your content to any other format. In fact, that may be a reason why you're considering or have chosen Beaver Builder. If you ever deactivate the Beaver Builder plugin, your content is preserved in the WordPress text editor, minus layouts and style.

If your site uses the standard WordPress text editor to create Pages, the text and media in the WordPress editor will convert to a single Text Editor module when you open it in Page Builder:

That's a start – at least your text is now in Page Builder – but to get the beautiful layout you're dreaming of, you'll want to break up that content and use it in various modules. And once you create the modules, you'll most likely want to add some custom styling or positioning too.

However, it isn't all bad. We're betting that even if a tool existed, by the time you did the conversion and then the mopping up, you can build a page from scratch even faster. We frequently get feedback from ecstatic new customers at how quickly they are able to get up to speed and create pages and websites from scratch in record time. Displaying your old website in HTML and copying content chunks over into Page Builder modules is most likely the most efficient way to go about it.