How Beaver Builder works with Gutenberg

This article applies when both Beaver Builder plugin and the Gutenberg plugin is installed and activated.

Note: Frequent changes to Gutenberg may cause these screenshots and descriptions to be out of synch with the current installation. We're updating this information on a regular basis.

When you add a new WordPress page, you'll see a choice of opening the Beaver Builder editor or the standard editor, which means the Gutenberg editor.

If you add a page title, launch Beaver Builder, add some content, and save the page, then the next time you mouse over that page on the Pages list you'll see the options shown in the following screenshot.

Here's a description of these options.

Edit link

When you add a new page or you click Edit for a page that was last edited in Beaver Builder, you get a choice of whether to launch the Beaver Builder editor or use the standard editor, as shown in the following screenshot. The standard editor means the Gutenberg editor,

Note: Unless in enable Posts in Settings > Beaver Builder > Post types, you won't see the option to launch Beaver Builder if you add a new post..

If you choose the standard editor and start editing in Gutenberg, you can convert the layout to Beaver Builder by clicking the More icon in the upper right corner of the standard edit screen and in the Plugins section choose Convert to Beaver Builder, as shown in the following screenshot.

Note: If you don't see this option to convert to Beaver Builder from within the editor, you can save the page and return to the All pages listing, then mouse over the page in the list and click the Beaver Builder link, as described above in the first section.

Warning: You can start editing a new page in the standard editor and convert to Beaver Builder and vice versa, but beware of switching back and forth after that--you may lose data.

If you open a Beaver Builder layout in the standard editor, you'll see a warning that doing so will disable the Beaver Builder layout. If you make further edits in the standard editor and then convert to Beaver Builder, you will see your previous Beaver Builder layout. You won't see the new standard edits that you made. If you publish the Beaver Builder layout and open the page again in standard layout, you will lose the previous edits that you made in the standard editor.

This same loss can occur if you switch back and forth between the classic WordPress editor and Beaver Builder, but there may be more temptation to switch back and forth with the Gutenberg editor.

Classic Editor link

Choosing Classic Editor returns you to the non-Gutenberg WordPress editing screen. At that point, you can choose to launch Beaver Builder or convert your Beaver Builder content to the classic WordPress editor. Note the warning that you are dissociating Beaver Builder at that point, and it will not convert any further edits you make in the classic editor.

Quick Edit, Trash, View, and Beaver Builder links

These choices for opening pages are unchanged from previous WordPress and Beaver Builder versions.