Create a filter to customize the display of post data

If you want to display a custom set of posts and custom post types in a Posts module, you can create a filter to override query args in the FLBuilderLoop class. This code applies to custom queries only and doesn't work with the main query.

Add the following code to the functions.php file in your child theme.

In Line #4, add the post types that you want the custom query to display. In this example, the Posts module will display standard posts, the posts belonging to a CPT called "another-post-type," and the posts from another CPT called "or-another-post-type".

Note: In the Custom Query list on the Content tab in the Posts module, you'll still see the list of post types (Posts Pages, and any CPTs that you have), but it won't matter which one you choose because this custom query is overriding that selection.

The above code as written applies to the whole site, so wherever you use a Posts module, the display will show the post types that you enumerated in your array. In actual use, you'd probably want to add a conditional to make this query apply only to certain pages, certain nodes, or custom IDs.

For example, suppose you want the override to apply only to a Posts module on the front page of your site, and you want the Posts module to display both standard posts and WooCommerce products. You'd use this code instead:

Here's another example where you set a custom ID on the Posts module, in this case, example-module.

Then you'd use the following code:

Tip: If you want to override the main query, see this WordPress codex article.