CMDG 01: Create a plugin

To create custom modules, you will first need to create a simple plugin. This will ensure that your modules are not overwritten when updating Beaver Builder via the remote updates interface.

To create a plugin, navigate to the WordPress plugins directory located in wp-content/plugins and create a new folder. You should give this folder a unique name using lowercase letters and dashes such as my-builder-modules.

Next, create a PHP file within your new folder and give it the same name such as my-builder-modules.php.

Finally, copy and paste the code below into your plugin's PHP file and edit the information such as Plugin Name and Author. You should also rename the constants MY_MODULES_DIR and MY_MODULES_URL to match your plugin's namespace, keeping the _DIR and _URL suffixes.

Now that you've created a plugin, you can activate it within the WordPress admin and move on to the next step.

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2. Add a module to your plugin