Beaver Builder Theme shortcode for current date

You must be using Theme version 1.6.5 or higher to use this shortcode.

The basic shortcode is [fl_year], with a format parameter that accepts PHP date formats.

By default, format='Y', which means a four-digit year (2018). If you want to change to change to a two-digit year (18), use lower case 'y' as the value. See the following sections, the first for common use in the footer and the second for examples of date formats.

Theme footer example

Here's a screenshot example of combining text with the [fl_year] shortcode in a footer layout in the Beaver Builder Theme.

Choose Text for the layout type,then enter the text plus shortcode into the text box. In this example, it's testing 123 [fl-year]. A real example of a footer using this shortcode would be:

©[fl_year] My Tiny Biz LLC

which would result in the following text, in which the year would always match the current year:

©2018 My Tiny Biz LLC

Other date examples

Refer to the PHP date formats page for a description of parameter values and the full set of parameters.

Tip: As long as you have the Beaver Builder Theme installed, you can use this shortcode in Beaver Builder (including Themer) layouts. If you copy and paste this code and the quotation marks display in the output or only part of the date displays, try deleting and retyping the quotation marks – sometimes hidden formatting can sneak in.

Code Example
[fl_year] 2018
[fl_year format="y"] 18
[fl_year format=“F j, Y”] May 26, 2018
May 6, 2018
[fl_year format=“l, F j, Y”] Saturday, May 26, 2018
Sunday, May 6, 2018
[fl_year format=“m-d-Y”] 05-25-2018
[fl_year format=“n-j-y”] 5-25-18
[fl_year format=“d.m.y”] 25.05.18