Overview of Beaver Builder Theme 1.7

Version 1.7 of the Beaver Builder Theme contains the following new and enhanced features. See the links in the items and the Related Articles listed below for more information about each feature. For more technical enhancements and bug fixes, see the Beaver Builder change log for Version 1.7 of the theme.

  • Added italic fonts, when available to the font weight choices wherever they occur in Customizer.
    See the tip at the top of the article about the Customizer General tab.
  • Added support for system-ui font stack to font choices in the Customizer.
    You can set system-ui font as the default. See the Related Article for when and why this can be a good idea.
  • Added Customizer settings for menu flyout animations for the hamburger icon and MENU label.
    You can choose among several different flyout animations to the right or the left when the hamburger icon or MENU label is clicked. See the Related Article below about choosing how menus open responsively.
  • Added Customizer settings for creating a default button style for Beaver Builder layouts.
    See the Related Article on setting global default button styles.
  • Added new Customizer settings for setting an H1 style different from H2-H6.
    See the Headings section in the article about the Customizer General tab.
  • Added the ability in Customizer to use a different header logo for mobile devices.
    See the Header Logo section in the article about the Customizer Header tab.
  • Added support for Gutenberg blocks to use the typography set in the Customizer.
  • Added a new Customizer setting to allow a choice of Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, or no framework at all.
    See the Related Article for more information about how to make this decision.
  • Added a Responsive collapse Customizer setting for collapsing mobile menu dropdowns when another is opened.
  • Added the ability to set Font Awesome icons to Version 4, Version 5, or none to speed up page loading and control the version loaded.
    See the Related Article for more information about the implications of each setting.
  • Enabled setting the featured image size for WordPress-generated archive pages in Customize Content > Archive Layout no matter where the featured image occurs relative to the post information.
  • Enabled the theme‚Äôs lightbox for images in text.
    Clicking an image added in a text area (both inside and outside of Beaver Builder) opens the image in a lightbox with navigation to other images in text areas on the same page.