Beaver Builder plugin 2.3 overview

Here are the major new features as of  Beaver Builder 2.3. See the change log and follow the discussion in our forum.

  • Persistent tabs in settings
    Beaver Builder remembers which settings tab was last open when opening new settings windows.
  • Undo/redo feature
    You can now access the history of changes to your layouts and use keyboard shortcuts for undo and redo.
  • You can copy and past modules or just module styles.
    This is really handy for a quick copy of a module to another page or another site.
  • Editing Beaver Builder layouts on tablets has been improved.
    Note the functionality is still subject to limitations inherent on smaller screens. See the forum for any discussions that come up about this feature.
  • Page load times are decreased by approximately 20% by caching internal variables.
  • You can enable Font Awesome Pro kits or the CDN in Settings > Beaver Builder > Icons, and there are new color settings for for the FA Pro Duotone icon set.
  • Use shortcodes in Layout CSS & JavaScript settings, accessed from the Tools menu
    See this article for details and examples.
  • You can add a filter to prevent certain types of modules from loading site-wide.
    After adding this filter, module counts will appear at Settings > Beaver Builder > Modules so you can see if there are existing modules that will be blocked. When you disable specific modules, they won't appear in the Beaver Builder editor and existing modules won't load or render on published pages.
  • If you have the BigCommerce plugin for WordPress installed, there's a BigCommerce Products module that you can access in the Standard modules group in the Beaver Builder editor.