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Downgrade to a lower version of Beaver Builder

You can downgrade from one premium version either to another, downgrade to the free Beaver Builder Lite plugin, or stop using Beaver Builder altogether.

Downgrade conditions

Here are some points to consider when you downgrade.

  • If you downgrade your subscription within 30 days of purchase or renewal, we'll refund the difference in version price.
    See our refund policy in Terms and Conditions.
  • If you cancel your premium subscription within 30 days of purchase or renewal, we'll refund the entire purchase price.
  • When you downgrade from one premium version to another, you'll remain eligible for the annual renewal discount for your new rate.
  • Unlicensed premium versions of the Beaver Builder plugin and theme will continue to work on the front end and back end but you will no longer be able to update them.
    For security and (eventually) software compatibility reasons, it's a good idea to use plugins and themes that you can keep updated, so we recommend that you switch to another theme or plugin instead of continuing to use an unlicensed version.

You can also cancel your automatic renewal at any time while your license remains valid.

How to downgrade or cancel your subscription

  1. File a Beaver Builder Support ticket to request to downgrade or cancel.
    If you're downgrading, tell us which version you want to downgrade to.
  2. Give us identifying information for your subscription, such as your license number or the email address that you used to purchase the subscription.
  3. We'll adjust your subscription and notify you.
    If you're within the first 30 days after purchase, we'll issue a refund.
    If you're downgrading, you can get your new version on the My Account page.

Downgrade to another premium version

Follow the standard installation instructions to install the new version.

When you downgrade, you'll lose the features from the higher version. See the pricing table on our website for a summary of the features at each premium level. No matter which premium version you use, you'll have access to the entire set of Beaver Builder plugin rows, columns, modules, and templates, both on the rendered pages and in the Beaver Builder editor.

If you downgrade from Agency to Pro version, the version of the Beaver Builder Theme remains licensed and you don't need to reinstall it. If you downgrade from Pro to Standard, the Beaver Builder Theme will continue to work but you won't be able to update it, so we encourage you to switch to another theme.

If you cancel your subscription

If you want to use the free Beaver Builder Lite plugin, on the Plugins page deactivate and delete the premium version, then install the Lite version from the WordPress plugins catalog.

The only modules that will continue to function on the live site and in the editor are the ones contained in the Lite version. The Beaver Beaver Lite editing page will display your old premium layouts as a framework of rows and columns that were previously there and any modules that are still supported.

If you open any Beaver Builder page in the WordPress editor, you'll see all text and image portions of the modules that could be converted.

If you want to stop using Beaver Builder entirely, see the article about how to uninstall.